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I took charge of key visual by a classic series at the lovely baker's "breadworks" since 2010. In 2018, Hazuki Sasaki of my pupil became an art director of breadworks. The 2nd direction plan of Hazuki "shopper clutch". The paper bag which is being used in the store was re-formed to a clutch bag by handmade.


No 2 title

2018 CLASSIC series Goods
"shopper clutch"

クラシック シリーズ グッズ 2018

No 4 Credit

Artworks: Nobumasa Takahashi
Creative Director: Nobumasa Takahashi
Art Director: Hazuki Sasaki
Design/Handmade: Mitsuho/Sorami
Photo: Yumi Hosomi
Model: Yumiko Yamada